Watters International Realty


Watters International Realty team, led by Co-owner and Broker Chris Watters, has over 200 real estate professionals located across 17 markets, with headquarters in Austin, Texas. Their team strives to provide clients with a high level of service unmatched by other companies in Central Texas.

The Challenge

The production of the Watters team brought with it inefficiencies in processes that added expense and frustrations. To minimize both, the team looked to streamline their lead process with automation while ensuring they maximized their return on investment. After trying virtual ISA teams, they decided to leverage their BoomTown system of work with both Real Synch and Structurely. 

The Results

Automating the lead process resulted in immediate benefits for the Watters team. They no longer took the time to copy and paste lead content into disparate systems. Instead, they integrated the systems to gain efficiencies. 

Initially, they saw a 300% increase in leads in their BoomTown system of work. When leads reviewed specific pages on their website, they set up triggers to notify their agents. 

However, the team was missing out on too many lead opportunities because the agents were overwhelmed with work.

After adding Structurely into the mix, they started to see an interesting trend: having less human interaction in the process increased the number of appointments and the lead conversion rates. 

Taking some of the workload off of their agent’s plates resulted in happier agents and significantly improved their bottom line. 

“Using solutions like Zillow, my Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) was roughly $2,400. So our average gross commission was $10,000. After we paid out the agent and the $2,400 to Zillow, then subtracted our operating expenses, we were making no money,” said Watters.

After researching alternative advertising sources, they decided to try out Facebook. 

“I can generate a hundred leads from Facebook for literally $600 or $700. Yes, only one will close, but those leads are cheaper, so my CAC when comparing to Zillow dropped from $2400 down to $700,” Watters explained. “That is like a 300% drop in CAC. I didn’t have to worry about the agents getting frustrated with the low-quality leads because they didn’t even know about the lead until the people raised their hand using Structurely.”

Not only are the Agents at Watters happy, but their ISA team is as well. The automation integrations have doubled that team’s productivity. 

“Our ISA team used only to be able to contribute no more than six closings a month. That was their max. Since I got Real Synch and Structurely set up with BoomTown, now my inside sales reps are producing 12, 15, 18, and sometimes 20 closings a month,” added Watters.

In the year and a half since Structurely was added to the automation mix at Watters International, their AI Assistant sent just under 240,000 messages to over 17,900 leads. Those leads have matured to an agent-ready standing (meaning they were handed off to an agent) 195 times, which influenced a pipeline of just over $80,000,000. 

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