Top producers hire the Structurely AI Assistant.

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Jeff Chubb, Team Leader at

Chubb Realty

The Structurely AI Assistant has engaged and qualified 500+ leads an increased their team's engagement rate.

Mark Santoyo, Broker/ Team Leader at

RE/MAX Loyalty

The Structurely AI Assistant has engaged and qualified 100+ leads and increased their lead engagement by 33% in just a few short months.

Chris Flores, Team Leader at


Since hiring the AI Assistant, Chris' lead volume has increased by 50%, he has 15 contracts in the pipeline, and is on track to double his sales this year.

Frederick, MD

Chicago, IL

Boston, MA

Dan Armstrong, Team Leader at

Keller Williams Legacy

The AI Assistant has brought multiple cold leads back to life, reduced turnover, increased sales, and has created enough lead volume that Dan is able to hire more agents and grow his team.

San Antonio, TX

Dave Zajdzinski, Agent/Owner of

EXP Realty

Since hiring the AI Assistant, Dave Zajdzinski and his team have processed over 1,202 leads with a 43% engagement rate and more than 240 hours saved. 

Phoneix, AZ

Roman Balandin, Team Leader of

The Premier Group New Jersey

The Premier Group New Jersey increased their engagement rate from 10% to 47% and saved over 70 days with Structurely.

Manalapan, NJ

The Limbird

Real Estate Team

Since using the Structurely AI Assistant, the Limbird Real Estate Group 

has had a 68% engagement rate and saved over 1,300 hours. 

Rogers, AR

Jessica Hart

HomeStart Realty West

Since starting with Structurely, Jessica Hart has saved 

more than 90 hours and processed over 400 leads. 

Carlsbad, CA

Ashley and Steve Luther, Founders of 

Chord Real Estate

The Chord Real Estate team leveraged Structurely to connect 

with over 54% of their leads and send over 3,700 messages

Nashville, TN

Watters International Realty

In the year and a half since Structurely was added to the automation mix at Watters International, their AI Assistant sent just under 240,000 messages to over 17,900 leads. Those leads have matured to an agent-ready standing (meaning they were handed off to an agent) 195 times, which influenced a pipeline of just over $80,000,000. 

Austin, TX

The DeBerry Team of Keller Williams

The DeBerry Team leveraged Structurely to connect with more than 1,200 leads. 

More than 55% came in after hours. 

Dallas, TX

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