The DeBerry Team of Keller Williams

The DeBerryTeam of Keller Williams has roots that go as far back as 1975 when Roxanne DeBerry, the Team Lead, started working as a Realtor. Throughout the years they’ve valued relationships and have built a network that transcends decades of referrals from the generations of northern Dallas buyers and sellers. Their team has grown to 2 buyer agents, 1 seller agent (Roxanne), and 4 support members to round out their family-run business. 

The DeBerry Team had a common problem, they needed help getting to their leads in a timely manner. They knew the expectation to get to their online leads in under two minutes but knew they were nowhere near meeting it. They explored adding an ISA to their team but decided against it because they did not have the infrastructure to allow for success in that role. 

Larry DeBerry, their marketing manager, initially heard of Structurely on Google when he searched for lead qualification options. He called Structurely to explore the possibilities and ultimately asked for a referral to another high performing Keller Williams team. With the referral in hand, the DeBerry Team turned on their Assistant aimed to solve their initial speed to lead and speed to response problems. 

Initially, Larry had three things he considered during the early phases of working with Structurely. They were: 

  1. Ease of the use 
  2. The quickness of the response
  3. Support of the product 

Once he knew he could count on the product for the above points, he dug into watch a conversation. 

The Challenge 

The Results

“One of the first conversations I watched was one of the leads that the Assistant responded to. I think the conversation went on for at least 15 minutes. I was amazed. It was like 11 p.m. or 12 a.m., I was in bed watching this conversation. It was really cool. I really enjoyed it because they thought they were talking to a regular person.”

Now Larry sends all his leads from his website, Facebook, and Google through Structurely for his two buyer agents. The interesting dynamic is how each of his agents works with the Assistant. One is very hands-on; the other would rather wait to receive the warm lead after the Assistant had done her thing. The best part is they’re both happy with the process and have full trust in the relationship with the Assistant to deliver buyer leads. 

In the last 16 months, the Assistant has handled just shy of 1,200 leads, or 15,000 messages, with an overall engagement rate of just under 40%. Just like that 11 p.m. call Larry watched at the beginning of the relationship, 55% of the messages the Assistant handled have been after work hours, which allows his team the freedom to spend time with their families while their Assitant handles things.  

In total, the Assistant handed off 101 leads that needed agent follow-up and qualified 198 other who were uninterested, allowing the team the time to focus on closing business rather than the hassle of dealing with those conversations

Ready to spend more time closing and less time qualifying?

Your AI Assistant is ready to get to work for you and get you better results than these great customers, are you ready?