Jeff Chubb, Team Leader at Chubb Realty

Are you responding to all of your leads in 5 minutes or less? If the answer is no your chances of qualifying that lead decrease by 10x. We constantly hear from agents that they aren’t able to engage their leads fast enough and it really causes a strain on the way they do business. 

When we spoke with Jeff Chubb a Team Leader at Chubb Realty we asked him what his pain point was before hiring Aisa and we weren’t shocked to hear that speed to lead was their biggest pain point. “Agents were not getting to leads quick enough and were not doing follow up” Jeff said. 

For someone like Jeff where company growth and success is crucial he knew that he needed to bring someone in that could get the job done. 

Jeff was able to quickly integrate Aisa with his lead sources including Zillow and and after renaming her “Valarie” she became the 6th team member of his growing company. In fact, she has the highest engagement rates on the team; “they don’t respond to my agents for whatever reason but they respond to Valerie” Jeff laughed. 

Also, Since joining nearly 5 months ago, Valarie has engaged and qualified over 500 leads for Jeff Chubb and his team which has saved them a huge amount of time and work. 

Jeff is one of hundreds of agents who have received tremendous value from Aisa Holmes. Not only is she solving the pain point of lead response time but she does so better than a human can. For many agents like Jeff, Aisa has become an integral part of their team and they rely on her to be there 24/7/365.

"Agents were not getting to leads quick enough and were not following up."

"(Leads) don't respond to my agents for whatever reason, but they respond to Valerie"

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