Chord Real Estate 

The Chord Real Estate Team is headquartered in Nashville’s, they provide white-glove concierge services for our Premiere, Sports, Entertainment, and International residential/commercial buyers, sellers, and tenants at all price points!

The Chord Real Estate team drives leads from platforms like Google Ads, Homelight, and Social Media; they are the exclusive real estate content providers for large Instagram accounts in Nashville. Their leads come in at all times of the day, and the team is small, which made their ability to get back quickly a big issue. 

They also have many leads in their Follow Up Boss system and had difficulty keeping track of the volume of touches. 

After trying several solutions, even with a human call team, they were referred to Structurely by a fellow Realtor to solve their long term follow up and speed to response needs. They no longer have to worry about a lead going hours, or even days, without a response. 

Chord Real Estate team immediately saw the value in the conversational approach of the Structurely AI Assistant. They enjoyed the fact that the text connects with the lead instantly and feels like a person. 


The Challenge 

The Results

“The human touch has been out of this world.”

They also got a kick out of the AI Assistant response when one of their leads asked if it was a bot. The Assistant said, ‘no, I am Ashley’s assistant.’

Their agents have used Structurely to scrub existing leads they had in their Follow Up Boss database that they felt went "underappreciated" and keep in front of the high volume of leads. 

“We’ve found Structurely to be the best

at following-up and with speed to lead.”

While they’ve leveraged their AI Assistant to contact their leads immediately, they are pretty high-touch after the conversation starts, jumping in to set up appointments and handle specifics. 

Structurely has connected with over 50% of their leads and has already sent over 3,700 messages.

Ready to spend more time closing and less time qualifying?

Your AI Assistant is ready to get to work for you and get you better results than these great customers, are you ready?