Stephen FitzMaurice, Broker at 

Premiere Property Group

According to a report published by Icenhower Coaching and Consulting, the average response time for a new lead to hear from an agent is 44 hours. Even waiting 30 minutes to contact your leads decreases your ability to reach them at all by 100x and your ability to qualify them by 21x. In just 5 minutes, most internet leads go cold and 78% go to the first responder. If you aren’t responding to your leads 24/7, you’re losing out on a lot of business. 

When we spoke to Stephen FitzMaurice, a Broker for Premiere Property Group in Oregon, he couldn’t stress enough how having an around the clock lead responder has been essential to his business. 

Before using Aisa Holmes as their 24/7 Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Inside Sales Agent, Stephen and his team were using a human Inside Sales Agent service which proved to be a challenge. “There were communication barriers. They would make mistakes. When the A.I. make mistakes you correct it once and forever, but when a person makes a mistake they make the same mistakes often.” Stephen said.

Stephen knew that they needed someone that could provide quality lead follow up 24/7/365, that could be easily trained to handle hundreds of leads a month, and that could seamlessly integrate with their BoomTownROI CRM. “This is an essential component to my business. It is absolutely essential that you have an instant lead response system because it has a huge impact to your ROI.” He said.

After connecting Aisa Holmes to Zillow,,, BoomTownROI and more, Stephen was able to get back to his day and have confidence that Aisa Holmes was already trained to follow up with all his leads. “Instant lead response is essential to any successful real estate team and the trick is finding quality instant lead response. With Structurely we found both instant and quality lead response, which is what every successful real estate team is looking for.” He said.

Since hiring Aisa Holmes, Stephen and his team have seen a huge shift in their business. “Since we started using a 24/7 around the clock lead response system, our conversion rates have doubled. We are seeing better responses from our leads. We are able to connect with our clients at a higher rate with Structurely than any other program. Structurely has provided us with the best 24/7 lead response system. Fundamentally I think it’s essential to have a 24/7 quick lead response system in place and Structurely has been the best one.” Stephen said. “We close at least 1 lead that Structurely has interacted with a week. Probably 3 a week since getting Structurely. There's a direct impact to our bottom line after switching to Structurely.” He continued.

Aisa Holmes has shown to be an invaluable resource and asset for teams using online leads from the likes of BoomTown and Zillow, like Stephen’s all across the nation. Having someone that is already trained to follow up with your leads, is available around the clock, and responds to your leads in under 5 minutes is the key to success. 

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The Challenge

The Solution

"This is an essential component to my business."

"Instant lead response is essential to any successful real estate team."

"Our conversion rates have doubled."

The Results

CRM: BoomTownROI 

Brokerage: Premiere Property Group

Location: Portland, Oregon

Role: Principal Broker

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