Juhmad Hollis, Broker/Owner at 

Sil-Loh Real Estate

Whether you are building a new team or growing your current team, it can be hard to bring in new agents and retain your current agents without technology that will make your agents succeed. What tools do you have in place that will enable your agents to work efficiently and effectively? When we talked to Juhmad Hollis, a Broker/Owner of Sil-Loh Real Estate, he saw the tremendous value in having technology in place that would manage all his leads so he could spend time growing his team. He could also offer the same technology to his new agents so they could be as successful as he is.

Juhmad, like most brokers, is extremely busy. He just started his new brokerage in a new state and is working hard to keep up with all his leads while also growing his team. He knew that if he wanted to spend time building his brokerage he would need someone to take care of all the leads.

“My pain point was making sure that all of my leads were touched. Realtors pay for all this stuff to try and help business, but they are never handling anything efficiently enough to capitalize on it. I was having the leads come through and dropping the ball and not creating a real dialogue with them, because if you get no response you forget to follow up with them,” Juhmad said.

Juhmad knew he needed an Inside Sales Agent, but with all the time, money, and training required for a human ISA, it just didn’t make sense to put his team's growth on hold for months while he trained someone.

“I thought about getting a human ISA at first. I felt that Artificial Intelligence was the way to go because you don't have to bring somebody in and you don't have to train someone. Once you get her set up, she's ready to go. So that's why I went with A.I.. It was more economical and I didn’t need to spend all that time training. I could just plug and play.”

“I like having A.I. better than a human, A.I. is not going to be perfect but A.I. learns and I know she's only going to get better with time, so I prefer to have that over a human.”

After quickly and seamlessly getting Realtor.com and RealGeeks integrated with Aisa Holmes, Juhmad was able to shift his focus to the growth of his team.

“When I am out I don’t have to worry about speed to lead and I can go about my day. I don’t have to think about responding within 5 minutes when a lead comes across. I may get 5 or 6 leads and that's a lot of time to take away from what you are already planning to do that day and try to contact those leads. If you've been paying for lead generation it doesn't make sense to not contact the leads,” Juhmad said.

Once he saw what Aisa Holmes was able to do for his company, he began using her as a recruiting tool.

“I think she’s valuable when it comes to recruiting and I am using Aisa as a recruiting tool. She's a value proposition and she adds a lot of value to my company here. I wanted to have something that is valuable and that agents could work with so they wouldn’t have to worry about a multitude of things throughout their day. When I sit down with agents I let them know that I have this system in place that will qualify your leads for you, and when you have time, you sit down and touch base with them. But she will qualify them, and she’ll talk to them,” he said.

“I love Aisa. She’s apart of the pillars of this company because of how she interacts and engages all of the leads. That's what real estate is today, it’s lead generation, and if you are wasting the leads that are coming in, you are wasting money. Aisa makes sure that she touches the leads. I think it’s invaluable in a company and industry that thrives off of lead generation,” he continued. 

Since hiring Aisa Holmes, Juhmad has seen a tremendous amount of success in his business. Including a 400% increase in his lead volume.

“She’s invaluable to me. With Aisa I’ve really been able to turn business around and get business going. I believe she's invaluable. So that's why the rate of return to me is 100%,” Juhmad said

I went from turning only 5% of leads in to appointments to having Aisa turn 15% of leads to appointments. A lot of leads may not be ready to buy right now but she lets them know that we are here to help. I am able to see when she texts them and their conversation. When I call a lead, it's not a cold call, it’s a warm call,” he said.

“I wrote a contract last week that Aisa engaged and set the first appointment. I sat down with her and we viewed a couple of houses and the next day I was able to put her under contract. I have 3 contracts in the pipeline right now, but I am on track to have 15 by the end of the summer. My pipeline is because of Aisa. Sales have grown 10% and it is attributed to Aisa,” he continued.

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"I was having the leads come through and dropping the ball."

"I like having A.I. better than a human."

"She's valuable when it comes to recruiting. I am using Aisa as a recruiting tool."

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"With Aisa I've really been able to turn business around."

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