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Being a team leader or broker is more than a full-time job. It’s a lifestyle. You work around the clock to ensure all your clients are happy, agents are following up with their leads, the CRM is up to date, and so much more. For Edric Williams, a Team Leader and Broker at RE/MAX Edge, he found himself overwhelmed with tracking all new leads coming in and getting those leads assigned to the correct agent. Once the leads were assigned to the correct agent, the agents still wouldn’t consistently follow up with the leads. Edric needed a system that took him out of the middle of the process and ensured that agents were consistently following up with their leads.

“Before Aisa our lead accountability was non-existent. All the leads had to funnel through myself so we could keep accountability. I had no confidence in buying online leads. I didn’t want to lose money or lead opportunities because agents weren’t converting. I actually turned the funnel off to bring in new leads,” Edric said. “I hired an inside sales agent to solve the lead follow-up problem and I immediately realized that wasn't a fix because there are a number of issues with a human ISA.” he continued.

“I tried a few other lead follow systems that failed miserably. It was clunky A.I. technology that didn’t have good conversion rates because the conversations were awful. When I saw your system actually work for the first time, I was blown away and became a fan and probably started stalking you guys because I thought it was too good to be true.”

Once Edric decided to get started with us we were able to quickly and efficiently get his CRM, Kunversion, connected to Aisa Holmes and she was ready to start engaging and converting leads. 

“You guys should get a reward for your onboarding process,” Edric said. “We were set up the same day and so I was able to get on with my day and everything else I needed to do. And now I have confidence that we have a solution that can take over the lead follow up responsibility,” he continued.  

When we asked Edric if he prefers A.I. over a human, his response was an immediate, “Oh, absolutely.” He then followed up with, “I think one of the biggest reasons a human ISA doesn’t work is oversight. With a human ISA, you can lose a lot of information through translation and the accountability is only as good as the system you're using. With Structurely, I can log in to a system as the broker/team leader and see exactly what's happening and I can see who’s reacting to it and I can follow up based off of that. It takes one person out of the equation. Alternatively, with a human ISA, you have your team leader, your ISA, and the agent you are referring your business to. You lose a lot of business because of it. People don't get followed up like they should, they don't get the right info, and they get put off. But with an A.I. ISA I can give the conversation that Aisa Holmes has had directly with that lead to an agent and they can follow up based off that. It also turns a cold lead into a hot lead because that agent can follow up and provide value based off of what that client wants instead of digging and asking questions, because the qualifiers are already done.”

“The value is priceless! Essentially, I have a full-time employee that works around the clock at a fraction of the cost,” Edric said, “And Aisa Holmes is better than agents at converting leads because it’s intuitive, responds with emotion and it’s customized based off of what the lead is saying. Aisa gives me complete confidence,” he continued. 

Since hiring Aisa Holmes Edric’s teams lead volume has doubled, they have hired 3 more agents, and their conversions increased by 233%.

“Because of Structurely and the intuitive A.I. response, I am searching under every rock, nook and cranny to find more lead sources so we can put more leads through the system. We want Aisa to talk to as many leads as possible,” he said.

Edric is in the National Guard and is getting deployed in the next few months. With Structurely, he knows that he doesn’t have to worry about his team while he’s gone. Edric said, “I have never been more confident about leaving and coming back to an office that was more successful than when I left.”

The success that Edric and his team have had since hiring Aisa Holmes is something we know all teams can achieve. Aisa Holmes has changed his team, business, and confidence in the future.

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"I have a full-time employee that works around the clock at a fraction of the cost."

“When I saw your system actually work for the first time, I was blown away.”

"I think one of the biggest reasons a human ISA doesn't work is oversight."

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