Jacob Ghena, Broker at 

The Alba Group

Following up with your leads in real estate may be one of the most important things you can do. Following up within 5 minutes is even more important. But when you follow up with your lead, are you qualifying your lead or disqualifying them? Are you nurturing your leads long-term until they are ready? Or are you moving on to the next lead at the first sign of disinterest?

When we spoke with Jacob Ghena, a Broker for The Alba Group in Oregon, he described how shifting to an inside sales agent that qualifies his leads versus one that disqualifies his leads has been a tremendous asset to his brokerage. 

“My pain point was that I had another ISA service that called and texted. I originally thought since there was a human that was calling my leads it had to be better. What I discovered is that the process was driven towards disqualifying the leads, not qualifying them. They ask close-ended questions. So when they reach out to somebody and ask 'do you want to schedule a showing?' and if it's anything but yes they disqualify the lead,” Jacob said.

Jacob knew he needed somebody that could nurture and engage his leads long-term until they were ready to move forward. He needed an ISA that was asking the right questions and could scale with his growing business. 

During his search, Jacob tried many chatbots and found that he was not satisfied with their ability to handle qualifying his leads, until he discovered Aisa Holmes. “All of the other technology I have tried seemed to be clunky. There’s no context, empathy, understanding, or anything that makes it seem human. I liked that Aisa Holmes could simulate human behavior through spelling mistakes, having a name, and not identifying itself as a chatbot,” He said. 

After integrating Aisa Holmes to his CRM, Chime, Jacob was able to spend more time growing other areas of his business and let Aisa manage all of his leads. “Aisa is able to identify the leads that need to be engaged right now. The discovery of cold leads is great. The drip campaigns bring leads back to life. I have had leads engage after being cold that wouldn't have otherwise engaged if it wasn’t for Aisa. There’s a level of professionalism that Aisa adds that wouldn't otherwise be there,” Jacob said. 

“I am not in a situation where I have to pay a lot of money to have someone qualify my leads anymore and that's more effective. And Aisa Holmes can scale. Aisa can text someone to engage them 12x and it doesn’t cost much. If a human is doing that, it is costing you way more,” he continued. 

“Having Aisa to follow up with my leads has allowed me to bring on more agents and hire more people. I think the benefit of Aisa is that it allows you to grow the profit generating portions of your business, as opposed to the expense. Aisa lowers the expenses for the things that cost you money and allows people to engage in leads that are going to be making money. People who engage with Aisa are leads that have a far higher likelihood of buying or selling something in short time. And you can put those leads that don’t respond on an automated long-term drip campaign instead of calling them 10x,” Jacob said. 

“Sales have also grown since hiring Aisa. There are 5 deals that I have either in escrow or have closed that I would not have gotten if it weren't for Aisa in the last 3 months. Not to mention all of the appointments I have had with leads due to Aisa,” he continued. 

“I see your service as one that gives lead generation an infinite amount of scale. One of the downsides of generating more leads is getting people to engage them and that costs money. With your service I can have a consistent experience that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. It’s affordable. And it’s very repeatable. I think Aisa Holmes is the most productive member of my team, even more so than me,” he said. 

Jacob needed someone that could go beyond just asking close-ended questions and that would actually nurture his leads long-term. What he got was a business partner that was able to help expand his brokerage in multiple ways by qualifying and nurturing his leads. 

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The Challenge

The Solution

"My pain point was that I had another ISA service... whose process was driven towards disqualifying leads, not qualifying them."

"I have had leads engage after being cold that wouldn't have otherwise engaged if it wasn't for Aisa."

"There are 5 deals that are either in escrow or have closed that I would not have gotten if it weren't for Aisa."

The Results

CRM: Chime

Brokerage: The Alba Group

Location: Medford, Oregon

Role: Broker

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