Michael Oliver, Associate Broker

Keller Williams Southern Arizona

There are many aspects that go into lead follow up. Texts, phone calls, emails, the list goes on. The key to making your lead follow-up process effective is efficiency. Your entire team needs to be bought into the process and working their leads through the engagement, qualification, and nurturing journey. When not everyone is on board, leads don’t get converted and money is lost.

For Michael Oliver, an Associate Real Estate Broker for Keller Williams Southern Arizona, only 20% of the agents were doing 80% of the lead follow-up. This created many gaps in the lead follow-up process and a lot of lost opportunities.

Michael started with 6 agents but realized that not all the agents were following up with their leads and he needed to cut out the inefficiencies. With a reduction in manpower and a high lead volume, Michael and the rest of his team were struggling to keep up with all of the leads. “We would just call the leads or text the leads directly using a dialer or just our cell phone to try and engage them however we could get a response. This was not efficient. The actual manpower, time, and effort for all the phone calls, even with a dialer was difficult,” he said.

Michael knew that he needed to fix the process and give all of the leads the engagement and nurturing that they deserved. 

When you have a high lead volume and a small team, hiring an ISA to engage, qualify, and nurture your leads seems like the most logical choice. However, like in Michael’s case, if your ISA comes with a very high cost per lead and those leads are not converting, you can find yourself spending more money than you are getting back. “I had an ISA for about a year but the cost was so high. It was about $6 to $9 per lead and it cost too much for what the leads were worth,” Michael said. 

Having someone who was there around the clock for his leads, was affordable, and could be easily integrated into their lead follow-up process was what Michael was looking for.

After quickly connecting his Real Estate Webmasters leads to Aisa Holmes, Michael and his team were able to get back to their day and rest assured that Aisa Holmes was now a fully integrated member of their team. “All I had to do was link Aisa Holmes to my Real Estate Webmasters and go. It was super easy,” he said. 

Since hiring Aisa Holmes, Michael and his team have been saving over $100 dollars per day due to having a more efficient follow-up process. “When I had more agents it was just like throwing money out the window. Now I run the same amount of leads and Aisa is always there. It’s great because our team can only handle so many leads per day,” Michael said. 

Besides being able to follow-up with Michael’s leads 24/7/365, Aisa Holmes is also providing exceptional service. “I would say that Aisa has provided better service to my leads than my human team. Some leads want to talk at 9 pm and Aisa is there, ready to do business and ready to engage so we can convert them,” he said.

“When we engage someone and they buy a house, it is because we were there to engage and qualify them in under 5 minutes. Aisa is apart of my full production line and we are setting ourselves apart just by having this service,” Michael continued. 

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The Challenge

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"We would try and engage our leads however we could get a response. This was not efficient."

"I had an ISA but the cost was so high. It cost too much for what the leads were worth"

"I linked Aisa Holmes to my Real Estate Webmasters. It was super easy."


Location: Oro Valley, Arizona

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"I would say Aisa has provided better service to my leads than my human team."

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