Chad Leonberg, Team Leader at 

eXp Realty

If you had the option to spend less time engaging and qualifying your leads and spend more time selling, would you? 

For Chad Leonberg, a team leader for eXp Realty (which was nominated as The Worlds Most Innovative Real Estate Brokerage by Inman in 2017), said, “Hiring Aisa Holmes was a no-brainer for me” and we couldn’t agree more.


Just like you and your team, Chad and his team were spending way too much time in front of the computer screen qualifying leads and not enough time in front of clients and their future home. 

What Chad needed was someone who could effortlessly handle all his leads around the clock, required no training, was affordable, and could easily integrate with his Zillow Premier Agent platform. Chad needed the perfect employee.

Fortunately for Chad and many others like him we created the perfect employee. Unlike a human Inside Sales Agent, Aisa Holmes comes pre-trained on thousands of lead conversations and is a fraction of the cost.

In just a few short months, Aisa Holmes has engaged and qualified over 300 leads for Chad and his team and scheduled over 50 appointments. In turn this has not only saved Chad and his team a ridiculous amount of time but has also increased their revenue and conversion rate which is now at 17%! 

If you want to sell more and qualify less hire Aisa Holmes below or request a demo from our team below! 

"Hiring Aisa Holmes was a no-brainer for me"

"There is simply no way I could be available 24/7 to be able to respond instantly to leads who expect an answer right then and there"

"The leads think this is a real person,

it's unbelievable."

"Aisa has saved me so much time. It's really helping our conversion rate and increased our revenues."

Ready to spend more time closing and less time qualifying?

Aisa Holmes is ready to get to work for you and get you better results than these great customers, are you ready?

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